Nusaiba Foods was founded by Saoud Al Muhaisen and was established in 2001. The company has been synonymous with quality and affordability since then. Nusaiba offers a full line of finest ingredients and bakery products available, plus all the benefits of our extensive global expertise and technology. Nusaiba indulge in a fairly wide portfolio of products supported by efficient distribution network that enable delivery of company’s products to over 1000 outlets every day including supermarkets, route outlets, artesian bakers, bakery chains, in-store bakeries, industrial bakeries, and food services.
Be a leading food distribution company that turns brands into leaders by satisfying consumers and promoting the success of our clients, our community and our organization.
• Continuous commitment and Excellency in services.
• Ensure honesty and integrity in our relationship with our suppliers, clients, consumers and our employees.
• Ensure that every order reaches customers on time and in optimal condition.
• Always solicitous about the quality and consistency.